AOMORI APPLE -No.1 brand in Japan-

AOMORI Prefecture is by far the largest apple production area in Japan (60% share). In September, our staff visited Hirosaki Area of Aomori to see the new apples. Hirosaki is the heart of Aomori apple production area, producing all kinds of apple related products such as juice or jam.

In Aomori, many kinds (varieties) of apples are harvested from August to November. Among those varieties, FUJI is by far the most popular apple in Japan. They even bag apples on the trees to enhance the quality of fruit.


Growers bring their harvested apples in 20kg wood crates to the central market daily. In the peak season, the total volume is as large as 100,000 crates (2,000 tons) per day. And they auction all the crates of apples every day.

After the auction, they put the apples in the automated sorting lines with modern computerized technology (optical sorting machine), but all the apples are finally packed into cartons gently by hand.


We offer you the premium apples newly harvested in Aomori, Japan for special gifts. It’s specially selected fruit of large size and high sugar.

Our premium apples are as large as or larger than 32 count per 10kg.
Thus, one fruit weighs more than 310g.

And our premium apples will be contained in the high-quality Styrofoam box with our special gift cover as in the picture.


Hello. I am Yohki Manabe. I am in charge of the Japan apple gifts in Philippines. We import fresh apples in the refrigerated container from Japan directly to Manila.

And we carefully check the quality of apples for this special gift program at our own distribution center in Taguig. Our apples will be sent to you or your important person in the high-quality Styrofoam box in consideration of high temperature here in Philippines.

We offer you this premium apple gift with confidence based on our long-time experience and know-how in fresh produce distribution. And we believe this would be the perfect gift for you to give to your important people such as your parents, relatives or business customers.


Japan Apple Gift "FUJI・MEIGETSU Mixed 5KG"

Price : 3,980PHP

This is a mixed box of Fuji and Meigetsu apples, about half and half.
It’s nice to have both red apples and green apples in the same box!

Meigetsu is the most popular green apple in Japan.
It’s a very sweet and juicy apple unlike other green apples. We put the special gift cover on this gift box.

Delivery Period: Starting from December 1
Delivery Area: Metro Manila and Suburbs

- All apples are from Aomori, Japan.
- Price includes delivery charge and tax.
- The number of apples per box may vary from 12 to 16 pieces, depending on fruit size. (We pack only large apples.)
- Stocks are limited, so pre-order sales may finish early.
- It’s a fresh product, so after the delivery, please consume the apples early.
- Pictures are only images of our products.


1. Order by E-mail

Please send to our specific account and include name, address and phone number of both sender and recipient(s) of the gift(s), along with your preferred product name and quantity. You may also include any other special request if any.

*Although we have prepared the special order form (page), we recommend you send us e-mail to order directly, especially in case of multiple orders.

2. Confirmation of Your Order

We reply to your e-mail to confirm your order(s), along with the total billing amount and our bank account information.

3. Payment by Bank Transfer

We request advance payment by bank transfer for our apple gifts.
Please pay to our specified bank account within 10 days after you receive our confirmation e-mail.
Please e-mail us the copy (photo) of your “Deposit Slip” after you have may made the bank transfer.
After we receive the copy (photo) of your Deposit Slip by e-mail, we contact you once again to confirm your payment.

4. Advance Notice of Delivery

As it gets close to the dispatching, we give you an advance notice of delivery.
*Please note that we do not give such a notice to the recipient of the gift.


Payment Policy

- We request advance payment by bank transfer to our specified bank account. Unless we confirm your payment, we cannot proceed to shipping of our apple gift, so please pay within 10 days after your order confirmation. We need the copy (picture) of your “Deposit Slip” to confirm your payment.

- We request you to bear the bank transfer fee.

- Since it is a gift product, we do not attach an invoice or official receipt to it. If you need an invoice or official receipt, please make sure to request it at the time of order.

- In the case where the incorrect address is provided and the merchandise is returned, there will be separete charge incurred.

Cancellation Policy

- In case we could not get a hold of you after so many tries, we may cancel your order(s).

- We cannot accept any cancellation of your order(s) after you have made the payment (bank transfer).

- We cannot accept any refund request:
 (1) In case our delivery could not be made due to the recipient’s absence, change of address or refusal of receiving.
 (2) Or, in case of product deterioration due to repeated delivery failure.


- Although we pay careful attention to our product delivery, in case you noticed anything wrong about our product and/or delivery, please contact us at +63-2-886-8856 or by e-mail.

- Please note we may not be reachable by phone if it is out of our office hours.

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